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Deep Green Resistance – The Age of Exuberance is Over


Excerpt from the book Deep Green Resistance (http://deepgreenresistance.org/who-we-are/deep-green-resistance-book):

“But the biggest advantage that people today have over people in times previous is that the age of exuberance is over. The age of cheap oil is over. The empires of today are on their way to collapse. It used to seem that as civilization dissolved, anyone who even remotely opposed it would be put up against a wall. But now it looks as though as civilization falls apart, its emperors may not even be able to deliver the mail, much less maintain the level of oppression that they have historically perpetrated on those who oppose empire. Think of the collapse of the Soviet Union; it just sort of fell apart instead of instigating purges and gulags. The Soviet Union didn’t have the resources.

Even the United States is falling apart. The US government can’t maintain the water systems in this country and it can’t maintain the roads. State and federal governments can’t pay for colleges anymore. Those in power don’t have the money, and they don’t have the resources, and those resources will never come back.

If someone would have taken out some important piece of infrastructure in years past, those in power would have been able to replace it. But now the governments of the world don’t’ have the money. The more they spend on rebuilding, the less primary damage they can do.”

Image from:  http://stephaniemcmillan.org/category/comic/affirmations/